1. Special Note to Regions, Districts, or Chapters

    You are quite welcome to use these Classified Ads section as your own for motorcycle Regions, Districts, or Chapters. It is designed so it is not associated with any particular Chapter, etc. Simply link to the homepage of this service (http://www.bikerking.biz/classads/) with either a button on your homepage, text, or any other kind of link you wish. You may use this service completely free of… Read more.

  2. How best to view the FAQ's

    You can view all the questions and answers in the general or the first view you see after clicking on the FAQ button. However, for reading individual answers, it is best to either click on the "read more" link on each answer, or click on the title of the answer itself to view a full, more detailed explanation. Read more.

  3. What kind of ads are allowed in the NO Cost Classified Ads

    Most categories must contain motorcycle or motorcycle related items as the category describes (except non-motorcycle related category) for private individuals only. NO COMMERCIAL ADS will be permitted in any of the categories- home based or not.  Do not post questions in any category, for classified ads questions contact the admin using the form (click on white envelope) in the blue bar at… Read more.

  4. Who can post classified ads?

    Any registered user can post an ad. These Classified ads are especially for any motorcycle related National, Regional, District, or Chapter members, anywhere in the USA or Canada. You register by clicking on the text "register" near the top of any ad page. You don't need to be registered to view ads, however, registering may allow several extra features. Read more.

  5. What do all the buttons at the top do?

    NO Cost Classifieds text- This is the title of the service, and also a link to the NO Cost Classifieds homepage.Listings Button- Clicking the "Listings" button will display all the current listings in all categories, including the location.Categories down arrow-This is the easiest way to display all the Categories and their subcategories with the number of ads in any subcategories listed. Just… Read more.

  6. How do I register?

    Click on the "Login" button in the blue area at the top of any page. When the login window is displayed, click on the "Register" button. Fill in the forthcoming form, and then click the "register" button. Another confirmation window will appear asking for your name (use your real name) and other information. You MUST use your real name when registering, or your registration will be deleted. When… Read more.

  7. How do I submit an Ad?

    First, you must be registered and logged in. See FAQ above.Then, click on the "Publish New" button in the blue bar near the top of any classified ads page.Then in the box:Title- Enter a brief title of what you are selling or wanting.Category- Choose the main category you wish to post under. After you select the main category, an additional drop down will appear saying to pick a category, which is… Read more.

  8. How long does an ad run before it expires?

    Your ad will remain on the system for 360 days or 12 months unless you delete it, or mark it SOLD before then. Read more.

  9. Why can't I post an ad?

    Either because you are not yet registered, or if you are registered, you have not logged in before you attempt to post. If not registered, you must register to be able to post and use some of the features in the classified ad section.To register, see the directions under "How do I register" below. Read more.

  10. How do I modify or change my Ad?

    Click on the green down arrow in the blue bar near the top of any page. Then select "My Advertisements". A window will open with all your advertisements in with three boxes on the right.Click on the blue update button. This will open the edit window for that ad. Edit as you wish, then click on the "Edit" button in that window and you're done! Read more.

  11. How do I know if any or how many Ads exist in a Category?

    In each sub category (the only ones you should be posting ads to) is a little oval that shows the current amount of ads in that category. This is viewable from either the main category listing on the homepage, or the Categories drop down in the blue bar at the top of every page. Read more.

  12. How do I select a category to view?

    There are two ways you can do this. Either click on the "Categories" down arrow in the blue bar at the top of any page, then select the subcategory you want, or on the homepage, click on any subcategory under the main Category title. Read more.

  13. Can I view all the ads from just one State or Canada?

    YES! Under the "Locations" listing on any page located on the right hand side, you can select any State or the country Canada to view all ads from that State or Canada. The country Canada (all Provinces) is located at the bottom of the "Locations" listing box. Read more.

  14. How do I know when someone tries to contact me about my ad?

    There are two ways.You should receive an email using the email you registered with that will notify you that you have had someone send you a message about your ad. It will tell you which ad they are inquiring about, who sent it to you, and the message. You can click on the www.bikerking.biz text, which will open up your message folder in your NO Cost Classified Ads account. From there, you can… Read more.

  15. What do I do when my item has been sold or I get what I had in a "Wanted" ad?

    As usual, you first need to be logged in to your account. Then click on either the person image inside the green box shown below, or click on the green down arrow and select My Advertisements.When your "My Advertisements" window is open you can select......either the "Mark as Sold" button as shown to mark your item as sold so others may know, or the...... deactivate button to remove your ad from… Read more.

  16. How do I get back to the Classified Ads homepage, or where all the category listing are?

    You can either click on the word "Home" just below the banner when that shows on most pages, or just click on the text "NO Cost Classified Ads in the blue bar at the top of any page. Read more.

  17. What is the currency converter, and how does it work?

    The currency converter can be used to get an idea of what the prices stated in the small red price rectangle in the ads would be in the selected currency. It does not affect any prices mentioned in the ad itself.The default currency of the NO Cost Classified Ads is the U.S. Dollar, or USD. Currently, you have a choice to have prices listed in either USD or CAD (Canadian Dollar). This only gives… Read more.

  18. How do I delete any messages when I'm done with them?

    In your inbox, simply click on the little black envelope to the far right of the message listing.That will open up the actual message where you can either "Archive", mark it as "Spam" (but unlikely), or "Delete" the message. Read more.

  19. What's the little heart for in the ads?

    The little gray heart shown in the ads as depicted here:... is for clicking on to have this advertisement added to your favorites selection, so you can find your favorite ads quicker that previously caught your eye. Read more.

  20. What is the "Map View" button in an ad for?

    When clicked, it will open a Google Map view of the general location of the item. The location shown may not be the exact location, but it will give you an very approximate idea of where the item is located in a city. Read more.

  21. How do I change my email address or password for my account?

    Click on the green down arrow in the blue bar at the top of any classified ad page, then select "My Profile"...... in the edit profile window, you can change your email address, then click "Update" button. Read more.

  22. Is all the info I include or is required in my profile viewable by others?

    No. The public only sees your name and photo (if uploaded), when your account was created, and your last login. They will also see any other ads you may have published. They can also send you a message using the "Send Message" button. That's it! Read more.

  23. How do I "subscribe" to receive an automatic email when an item is posted I may be interested in?

    You can "subscribe" to receive email notification when an item is posted, either or all, by a category's sub category (for example- motorcycles- FOR SALE), or by location (i.e. in any U.S. State or Canadian Province), or, by price where you can set both the low and high end of the price range by $500 dollar increments.You do this by using the "Subscribe" section at the bottom of any classified ads… Read more.

  24. How do I "unsubscribe" to a category I'm no longer particularly interested in?

    First, you must be logged in to use this feature. Then, click on the green down arrow and then select or click on the "Subscriptions" link. This will open up your subscriptions table where all your subscriptions are listed (if any). Then just click the white X in an orange box to unsubscribe to a particular subcategory (category), or if you have several subscriptions, and wish to unsubscribe to… Read more.

  25. What if I forget my Password?

    Although you should always write your password down somewhere safe, if you do misplace it, or forget your password, you can first click on the Login button. Then when the login window opens, click on the "forgot password?" link. It will open another window, and ask for your email. Enter your email and then click the "Send" button. Check your email, and follow instructions given in that email. Read more.

  26. How do I contact the Classified Administrator in case I have a problem or question?

    Just click on the white envelope in the blue area at the top of any page. Fill out that form to contact the admin with any questions you may have. Read more.